Land Tenure and Social Transformation in the Middle East

This volume provides the first comprehensive survey of land tenure in the Middle East over several millennia up to modern times. Its thirty-two papers bring to this theme an interdisciplinary approach and enable the reader to follow the various threads – historical, social, economic, political, legal – related to the evaluation and development of land tenure systems in the Middle East. Land tenure is a vital element in social transformation; it is quite literally the backdrop to history. Where the Middle East is concerned this theme has not received the concentrated and collective treatment it richly deserves. This volume is of great importance to all who are interested in the history, society, economy, and agriculture of the Middle East, and scholars of land tenure in other regions of the world will find in it ample material for comparative interpretation.
Provider: AUB Press

 EditorTarif Khalidi​

 Language: English
 Subject: Middle East Studies
 Publication Date: 1984
 Number of Pages: 531
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