In the House of Understanding: Histories in Memory of Kamal S. Salibi

Kamal Salibi is primarily renowned for his monumental contributions to the history of Lebanon. Yet his scholarly legacy extends well beyond Lebanon to topics that span the Middle East from biblical to contemporary times. This collection of twenty-three papers, written in Dr. Salibi's honor and memory, similarly covers a range of subjects that touch upon his interests. They include aspects of ancient, medieval, and modern Arabic/Islamic and Middle Eastern history, literature, and art, and are arranged in four sections: (a) Kamal Salibi as Teacher and Historian; (b) Lebanese, Ottoman, and Arab History; (c) Islamic Studies; and (d) Syriac Studies.
Provider: AUB Press

 Editors: Abdul Rahim Abu Husayn, Suleiman  A.  Mourad​, and Tarif Khalidi​

 Language: English with one paper in Arabic
 Subject: Middle Eastern Studies
 Publication Date: 2017
 Number of Pages: 476
 Book Dimensions: 17.7 x 24.8 cm
 Cover Type: Hard Cover
 ISBN: 9789953586311

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