Letters from a New Campus

​In May 1873, Mrs. Abby Bliss and her four children left Beirut and returned to Amherst, Massachusetts for reasons of health and the children's education. This book contains letters written to them between 1873 and 1874 by Abby's husband, Daniel Bliss, the first president of the Syrian Protestant College, later the American University of Beirut. Written in diary form just seven years after the founding of the College, the letters reveal the excitement of the almost completed construction of College Hall, the frustrations and achievements of their fourteen months of separation, and fascinating information about daily life and the politics of the time. They show Daniel Bliss as a loving family man missing his wife and children while enthusiastically dedicated to the task of building the College.
Provider: AUB Press

 Author: Daniel Bliss
 Collectors: Douglas and Belle Dorman Rugh and Alfred H. Howell

 Language: English
 Subject: Lebanon & AUB
 Publication Date: 1994
 Number of Pages: 315
 Book Dimensions: 16.4 x 23.9 cm
 Cover Type: Hard Cover
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 Includes: Pictures, Appendixes and Index