Insects and Mites Injurious to Crops in Middle Eastern Countries

​​This revised second edition is one of the best illustrated guides available for the prevention, identification, monitoring and management of pests harmful to crops in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. It is also a useful reference and teaching tool benefiting students of Middle Eastern agriculture and entomology. It provides updated information on the comprehensive morphology, distribution, and biology of more than 300 significant pest species of the orders Acarina, Thysanoptera, Orthoptera, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, and Diptera, respectively.
Provider: AUB Press

 Author: Abdul Munʿim Talhouk

 Language: English
 Subject: Agriculture
 Publication Date: 2003
 Number of Pages: 269
 Book Dimensions: 23 x 30.3 cm
 Cover Type: Hard Cover
 Shipping Weight: 0.87 Kg

 ISBN: 9789953901190