Man, Food and Agriculture in the Middle East

In commemoration of AUB's centennial, the June 1967 symposium, “Food for the Man of Tomorrow" was organized, resulting in this collection of symposium papers by educators, researchers, sociologists, economists, nutritionists, and others actively involved with the problems of food production in the region. The participants were tasked with creating an inventory of techniques used in different parts of the world for improving the quantity and quality of food for man, and to compare and contrast these with work then current in the Middle East. The fifty articles herein are grouped under five sections: agricultural economics, animal production and protection, soil and irrigation, crop production and protection, and food technology and nutrition.
Provider: AUB Press

 ​Editors: Thomas Stickley, Joseph A. Asmar, Abdur-Rahman Saghir, Nicholas Atallah, and Peter L. Pellett

 Language: English
 Subject: Agriculture
 Publication Date: 1969
 Number of Pages: 692
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 Includes: Tables and Graphs