Essays on Feminine Titles of the Middle Kingdom and Related Subjects

There are essentially two themes to these essays. The first is an attempt to define the relative social status of women holding certain titles, and the second is to show that harems and concubines did not exist in the Middle Kingdom, at least as recognized institutions. The former theme is approached primarily through translations of official and religious titles held by women and their husbands, the latter theme by examining some key terms said to refer to harems and concubines. Further essays give new interpretations to the famous genealogy of Tomb 9 at El-Kab and the so-called “harem" of King Nebhepetre Mentuhotep. ​
Provider: AUB Press

 Editors: William A. Ward

 Language: English
 Subject: Anthropology, Archaeology and Ancient History
 Publication Date: 1986
 Number of Pages: 198
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