The New Generation

''The New Generation: Arab Comics Today is a fruit of a rich and fertile partnership between la Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l'image, the Mu'taz and Reda Sawwaf Comics Initiative and the American University of Beirut. This partnership strengthens the cultural and historic lines between our two countries and reinforces France's calling to bring to light the evolutions taking place in the artistic and cultural landscapes of the Arab world; our historical destinies being inextricably linked."​
Provider: AUB Press

 AuthorLina Ghaibeh​, Simona Gabrieli
 Language: English and French
 Subject: Graphic Narratives
 Publication Date: 2017
 Number of Pages: 208
 Book Dimensions: 21 x 27 cm
 Cover Type: Paperback
 Shipping Weight: 0.81​ kg

 ISBN: 9782955392836​
 Includes: Illustrations